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Puppy & Dog Grooming

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La Bella Pooch Grooming Salon will give your dog the best grooming ever — guaranteed! La Bella Pooch Grooming Salon is a certified Brooklyn dog grooming facility located at: 8001 17th Avenue (Corner of 17th Avenue & 80th Street).

When you come to La Bella Pooch Grooming Salon you will be welcomed into a clean and friendly salon where you and your pet will be treated like one of the family. At La Bella Pooch Grooming Salon we only use all natural and organic products without any chemicals or preservatives. You can expect to leave your dog for a minimum of 2 hours on your first visit. We work one on one with your dog and your first visit is very important to us! We are a start to finish Full Grooming Salon servicing one dog at a time so being on time is very important to us. If you are going to be late please give us a call.

Prices: All prices are based on BREED OF DOG, WITH SIZE & CONDITION OF DOG in mind. This is the toughest part of the grooming business. We have a general price list for each breed which you are always welcome to ask about. If you have any questions regarding your price we are always happy to discuss it.

1. Clean the ears: with an all natural ear cleaner to gently remove dirt and excess ear wax.

2. Shave the pads: on the feet to keep them clean.

3. Sanitary shave: (if necessary) to keep the privates clean when your puppy goes potty.

4. Express anal glands (if necessary)

5. Clip the nails.

6. Pre-bath brush out (and de-matting if necessary)

7. Check for fleas, ticks, infections, lumps, bumps, hot spots, skin lesions, and any abnormalities from nose to tail.

  • Flea/Tick Baths
    Your Dog must be on a flea prevention (Frontline, K9 Advantix etc) and will be checked by one of our groomers upon arrival at La Bella Pooch Grooming Salon. If your dog has fleas or ticks they will receive a mandatory flea bath at an additional charge.

8. Bathe your pet with a top quality all natural and organic shampoo that will gently clean the skin and coat without stripping away the natural body oils. This will re-moisturize and condition the skin and coat.

9. Apply an all natural moisturizer/conditioner after your dog is bathed leaving the skin moisturized and the coat feeling nice and soft.

10. Dry your doggie: For dogs that will tolerate it, we use a high velocity dryer to remove excess hair and dry the coat. If drying is too stressful for your dog he/she will be cage dried and brushed by hand to remove dead hair. CAGE DRYING IS DONE IN A FULLY VENTILATED AREA AND MONITORED AT ALL TIMES.

11. Finish with a thorough brushing: combing and trimming (if necessary).

12. Apply a finishing spray and a colorful bow or bandanna (optional).

Senior Dogs: We have a great respect for our senior friends and believe they still deserve the same services. We aim to make your dog as comfortable and happy when receiving services at this age. If you have special needs for your senior they can be discussed when you make your appointment.

Your dog will feel good, look good, smell good and look forward to their next visit!

Call us today to set up your appointment (347) 312-2856.

La Bella Pooch Grooming Salon services the 11204, 11209, 11211, 11214, 11215, 11217, 11218, 11228 areas along with most of New York City. , 狗训练布鲁克林, 狗美容

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