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Above picture is of my Aunt Gin's Maltipoo. Pumpkin's 1st Thanksgiving “2014” 


This article describes the safety tips and foods pet owners should purposely stay away from sharing with their pets on Thanksgiving. Since more than 85 percent of pet owners consider their dogs and cats to be part of the family chances are you will be tempted to share some “loving from the oven”…




This article explains the great health benefits and safety tips of adding Pumpkin to your pet’s diet. The above picture is of my own dog Gigi who is 13 years old. She absolutely loves pumpkin and I give it to her daily with her meals.  



This article describes information on how we can keep our pets safe on Halloween.



·     This article describes how Fatal Antifreeze Poisoning can be to our pets and what precautions you should take to avoid this from happening.

This article describes why dogs' love to eat snow and why it is not good and sometimes not safe to let them indulge in this habit.

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