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How To Stop Your Dog From Marking Inside Your Home

Marking is your dog’s way of communicating to other dogs his sexual availability and territory ownership. In the wild, the highest-ranking wolf in a pack marks territory to signal to the other wolves that he is in charge of the area and to stay away. Because the social hierarchy of the pack is clearly defined, lower-ranking members understand that marking territory is not their job.

This article discusses the importance of dog socialization and how you can introduce your pet to other dogs. It lists the advantages of socialization and how to avoid aggression when introducing your dog and how socialization may improve temperament.

Contained in this article I highlight some tips on not only the top five treats that I utilize for dog training, but treats you can incorporate into your regiment of dog training as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: 718-704-6821, or the contact details below this article. 

Ethoxyquin....The "Bad Boy" On The Label

Our Boston Terrier Bella had experienced some serious problems in the past that required 2 major surgeries. After the very expensive vet bill the second time around I finally asked the vet what was causing the problem.


This blog discusses the potential hazards of dog food and those "healthy" choices in dog food. Within this article you will learn about what preservatives to avoid so your pets longevity is not affected by cancerous or carcinogens. Armed with this information you will be able to make better choices in selecting pet food. 

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