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This article describes that their is no such thing as a, "Almost Housebroken Dog."  Either he is or he is not!  When a dog is housebroken he NEVER uses the house as his own private bathroom. Just taking him outside also does not mean he knows what he is being taken out for...  The biggest problem between a dog and owner is the dog would love to please you but, he does not know how to communicate with you.

This article covers most of the signs that our pets may be suffering from heat stroke in the summer time. As we all know summertime means we are out and about with our pets, and love taking to the out doors to keep our dogs active, and healthy -- many people may over look the signs of what the extreme heat may do to our dogs. In this blog posting we will cover as much as we can discussing heat stroke and how it affects our pets.


Shy dogs need confidence and training designed for shy dogs. The training is directed at building their confidence. The first thing to remember is that our dogs understand our emotions. They sense our fears, worries, confidence and more. If you are relaxed and happy, they will feel more confident. If you are anxious and quiet they become anxious and shyness will increase. This article will detail how you can train shy dogs, and still be assertive in being and or becoming the pack leader they need.

Kimberly Dillon and Andy


This article describes what it means to become your dogs pack leader and how to hold that leadership role in your dogs life. To your dog your family is its new pack!

This article describes what the top reasons are why manufacturers of dog toys design them to squeak, peep, cheep, squeal and whine? Because Dogs love them!

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