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The Amazing Truth About The Major Dog Food Manufactures!

This article describes what the major dog food manufacturers are producing in commericial dog foods.

Is Gigi’s high energy level leave you exhausted?
Do you work long hours and fear that Dutchess does not get enough exercise or attention?
Does Pepper get in the way when the day workers arrive at your house?
Does Pumpkin have separation anxiety when your leave her home alone?

Then Doggy Daycare May Have The Answer For You!

This article explains why dog enjoy digging holes and how to prevent hole digging. Every dog dog enjoys a little digging here and their but you want to stop a bad behavior before it happens.... "Prevention before Correction" is my famous motto. Dogs dig for any number of reasons but mostly because they enjoy it!

This article describes dogs with food aggression issues and how you can help over come this canine behavior. Food aggression in dogs can be a frightening form of aggression that can lead a dog to start snapping, growling, snarling and their are instances where food aggression leads into dog fights or dog bites involving humans. The big question is why do some dogs act aggressively when food is present as some dogs will not act aggressive at all when food is present?


Congratulations…. You are going to have a baby! In the middle of your happiness and excitement, many parents-to-be, neglect to prepare their family dog for the new arrival. This can be a large mistake that can be avoided right now!

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