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This article describes what you should do and bring when you travel or go on a long car trip with your dog.

This article describes the importance of keeping Mouse and Rat Bait away from your dog and cat. And, what you need to know and do if your dog or cat ingested some of these toxins.


This article describes the benefits of having your dog enrolled in Puppy Kindergarten (PKG) Classes with Private Puppy/Dog Training.

This article explains how to train your dog using Marker training techniques through positive motivational methods.

This article describes the Universal Body Language that every dog has. Every dog whether it is an Akita, Beagle, German Shepherd or Yorkshire Terrier knows the same language. You and your dog probably pick up on each other's signals without thinking much about it. But if your dog begins to behave differently, if you are getting to know a new dog or if you encounter a dog you do not know it helps to be able to read the universal body language of dogs.

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