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This article describes why dogs' love to eat snow and why it is not good and sometimes not safe to let them indulge in this habit.


Here it is the first sign of snow signals the many fun winter activities we can do with our dogs. Our four legged fur babies will be comfortable in the near freezing temperature outside as they are fully insulated by their thick fur. Dogs love snow the same way children love snow. Dogs and children are very similar when it comes to playing in the snow... They get to have a new experience and fun with their environment through playing in the snow.

So, what is so special about snow that would make a dog love it and want to eat it? The habit of eating snow would be much better than eating another dogs’ feces, but a dog that eats snow is not totally danger free.

Most people prefer a nice hot cup of cocoa or coffee in the winter as opposed to a flavorful snow cone or Slurpee. We usually prefer a warm treat when the weather is cold, but there are some dogs that absolutely go crazy when it snows and love to eat as much of the white fluffy stuff as they can. Some dog owners simply believe that snow is a tasty treat for their dogs’, but they do not realize that there may be another important reason behind their dogs’ fascination with eating snow.

Have you ever asked yourself, why does my dog love to eat snow in the first place? Question, did you forget to fill your dog’s water bowl again?

Too many dog owners believe that leaving a bowl of water out for their dog for several days until they finish it is fine. But, is it really? Would you want to drink a nasty, stale, stagnant glass of water that was left on the kitchen counter from a few days ago? Neither would your dog!

Dogs that do not have access to fresh and clean water may consume large amounts of snow. Dogs dehydrate very quickly and will do nearly anything to replenish the fluids that they need.

People love eating snow cones topped with brightly colored fruit flavored syrup. It seems that dogs really do have a lot of similarities with humans as these animals also love to eat snow. Dogs are not fastidious eaters as they would love to eat even unflavored snow.

In the wild dogs eat snow when the rivers and springs are frozen. Our modern family dogs do not need to fend for themselves as they have us to provide all their basic needs. Dogs though are very curious animals. Sunlight glistening on the snow crystals would entice an inquisitive dog to investigate. The freshness of the snow on their warm tongue as well as the crunching sounds will motivate any dog to get another mouthful. Most dog owners would never stop their dog’s habit of eating snow because they would not think it is harmful for their dog.

Excessive snow eating can lower your dogs’ body temperature as their stomach is filled with this cold stuff. Any dog that has been eating snow excessively stands the risk of hypothermia. Another danger that can result from your dog’s habit of eating snow is poisoning. Instead of being topped with a brightly colored and fruit flavored syrup like the snow cones we love to eat, your dog may be eating snow topped with ANTI FREEZE or other toxic substances. This would naturally result to poisoning and most likely your dogs’ death!

Excessive snow eating can also be attributed to a medical concern. Kidney disease or Thyroid diseases can be a reason for your dogs’ fondness for eating snow. Dogs are voracious eaters but Cushing’s disease and Diabetes will increase the dog’s inclination to eat. The medical problems must be treated to stop the dog’s inclination to eat snow.


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