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How Do I Stop My Dog From JUMPING UP?



When a cute little puppy jumps up to lick your face many of us can only say, “how cute.” It might seem cute at the moment, but congratulations… you just taught your jumping puppy that jumping up has it’s rewards.

Autumn (Fall) Allergies & Your Dog


In the spring dogs react to tree pollen. But in fall, ragweed is the most common culprit of hay fever. Molds that flourish in the warm, wet weather of autumn contribute to canine allergies and some dogs can react quite violently. Symptoms of hay fever include the same symptoms seen in people with allergies: sneezing, stuffy nose, runny nose, itchy nose, and itchy watery eyes. You may observe your dog sneezing or pawing at his or her face, but other symptoms may appear as stains to the hair near the eyes or discharge from the nose. Allergies are annoying and in some cases debilitating, but most can be effectively managed with a little effort.


Spring has sprung and with the change of season our thoughts inevitably turn to Easter celebrations, spring cleaning and much-needed home improvement projects. But the new balmy weather can prove not-so-sunny for curious pets-or their unwitting parents.

This article explains that if you are planning to bring holiday plants into your home this year… this season you will need to know which plants are safe, which should be kept out of your pet’s reach and which should be avoided entirely.

Above picture is of my Aunt Gin's Maltipoo. Pumpkin's 1st Thanksgiving “2014” 


This article describes the safety tips and foods pet owners should purposely stay away from sharing with their pets on Thanksgiving. Since more than 85 percent of pet owners consider their dogs and cats to be part of the family chances are you will be tempted to share some “loving from the oven”…

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